Thursday, 21 May 2009

Editing of Dexter Title Sequence

  • At the start of the title sequence you see Dexter asleep and a mosquito piercing his skin and then he squashes and kills it, this makes the first thing we see of Dexter do is murder another living thing giving us the idea that he's a murderer.
  • We then see lots of jump cuts of him shaving plus making and eating his breakfast.The jump cuts of him shaving put the thought of murder and slitting someone's neck in our head as its a close-up and he cuts himself and we see the blood fall in the sink
  • We then see him tying his laces and getting dressed, reminding us of suffocation as he pulls the shirt over his head.
  • We don't see his face until the end which adds to the mystery of who Dexter is.
  • At the end we see him take the key out of the door which connotates the idea of taking the knife out of someone after stabbing them.

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